The Bathmate Series
What models of product do we have in the Bathmate Series?
Bathmate Hydromax 7
($85 Value)​

The next stage of hydro pump evolution. The Hydromax series is the next stage of Hydro Pump evolution. Developing the innovative Bathmate, the new bellows pump and valve give 35% more power for even greater gains with more safety and comfort. For men with penis size between 5 and 7 inches. 2 year warranty.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme
($150 Value)

Advancing Hydropump design to a new level, with a new valve and detachable handball, the HydroXtreme (formerly Xtreme series) is the Hydropump for the man who is serious about getting the very best from his pump. The ultimate Hydropump for ultimate experience. Accessories Bundle includes: Xtreme Hydropump,luxury, premium bag,Measuring Gauge,Cleaning Sponge,Handball Pump,Hose Attachment,Comfort Insert Pad,Bathmate Clean,Security Lock, Shower Strap. For men with penis size above 9 inches. 2 year warranty.

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